The Accidental long drive – Fujairah grand mosque.

There are days when everything you plan goes perfectly the way you wanted it to be. Then there are those days when all the planning goes out of the window and you have to deal with the unexpected. Yesterday was one such a day.Our accidental long drive!

Since the day I moved to U.A.E. , I was magnetised by the many mosques and their beautiful architecture. I know this is not the only gulf country to boost of such monuments, but for me it was for the first time in one such region.
We utilise our weekends well, hopping in our car with our kid and visiting any new place we could.

Sadly, the last month kept us busy with ailments and medicines and so we had to be home bound. However, this weekend our feet itched to explore. We decided to go visit a newly constructed mosque, yet to be publicly opened for tourism – THE GRAND SHEIKH ZAYED MOSQUE OF FUJAIRAH.
Traveling these days in a foreign place has become easier than before, all thanks to the GPS technology. We rely on the sweet voice of the navigation app on our little phone blindly.
Just type in the place to be visited and voila! you have the entire route in front of you; piece of cake, isn’t it?

That was exactly what we did this time too.

The drive was splendid. Clear blue sky and the golden sand beneath was a sight worth taking in. The sands soon transformed into mountains. The black road intersecting those magnificent mountains had a spectacular view of it’s own.

We were heading to the east side of the country all the way from west.

We reached our destination in one and a half hour from our place in Sharjah. However, the mosque to our left was not the grand one. We were at the wrong place, Oops. We were at a place called Dibba; part of Fujairah, a small quaint town in the lap of beautiful mountains all around. (It has a lovely beach too. We will visit it again for sure)
It seems there are three mosques with same names in UAE , two of them are in Fujairah, and we reached the other one. When plans like these don’t work you tend to be irritated, but you have to eventually figure out a way.
After a small discussion ( which obviously involved laughing at ourselves and cursing the lady in the mobile app), we decided to visit the mosque rather than going back.
So we ask the lady again, this time with the correct destination entered, one hour more to go for the mosque. What we thought would be a small and quick trip was turning into a long one now, but sometimes you need to experience the unknown too.

Exactly one hour later, we were right in front of the grand mosque as it is called. The huge structure was lit in a golden glow, increasing its beauty manifold. It’s a newly constructed mosque replicating the blue mosque of Istanbul. It will be completed soon and then publicly opened for tourists. We prayed there. The silence and peace there reminded me of the mosque in Abu Dhabi. 

We roamed around a bit, clicked many pictures and left, we were already late.

Amongst all the chaos and unexpectedness of the day, we got to experience something new, in a good way. The amazing drive through the mountains will always be in my memory. Few years from now I may not remember the mosque as vividly as I would remember this drive. 
Similarly, we in our lives are busy reaching our goals, our destinations, but what about these small moments in between which help us reach them successfully?
Let’s live those too, no matter how chaotic they are. They make our life worthwhile.

As it is said – It’s never about the destination, but all about the journey!


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