Book review — The blue umbrella.

Books are my poison. I get attracted to them like iron to magnets. All my loved ones know about this madness. Post my wedding, almost three years now, I had lost that yearning to read in me. Thankfully, I found something interesting to read, a short story by Ruskin bond — The blue umbrella.
The story at first glance will seem like one we read to children, but it has deeper meanings to it. I fell in love with his simple yet strong way of writing, no doubt he is a Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan winner.

It’s a story about how greed and ego can play with anyone’s mind, be it a sweet little girl like Binya or a shrewd old man like Ram Bharosa. 
Owning the prettiest eye candy of town made Binya too proud of it. The Greed for acquiring that possession made Ram bharosa a wicked man.

However, the way it ended, is described such beautifully. It is surely worth a read for all.

My favourite lines from the book would be – 

…But Binya didn’t take the umbrella. She shook her head and said, “you keep it. I don’t need it any more.” “But it’s such a pretty umbrella!” protested Ram Bharosa. “it’s the best umbrella in the village.” “I know,” said Binya. “But an umbrella isn’t everything.”…

Do read it. Let your children read it too. It’s worth the effort 😊


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