The Decision.

The Decision. 
The rain was lashing hard on the roof of a tiny hut by the roadside. She was wet from head to toe, shivering from inside not knowing what to do next. 

Running away from home on her wedding day, just few minutes before the ceremony now seemed a bad idea to her. She was wondering if it was a mistake. Just then the beeping of the phone in her hand caught her attention. 
“How dare you leave me like this you bitch? I’ll not spare you.” – read the message from her to be husband, at least that’s what he was known to the world as. 

“It’s not a mistake.” She mumbled to herself and switched her phone off.

Walking for a few minutes she spotted a deserted bus stop where she could find some refuge.
Tears rolled down one by one and then as if a cloud had burst open and all her emotions poured out, her loud cries got hidden in the noise of the thunderstorm outside.
“I love you.” She remembered that husky voice of a handsome hunk who called her just a day after their families had met to decide their marriage.

“You do? But you don’t even know me?” was what she asked him.

“It’s a soul connection, you won’t understand.” He had given her the perfect reply.
What followed were late night chats and gradually she fell for his perfect-romantic-novel-hero-talks.

After all she was a die hard romantic.

Few months into their perfect love life, one night he asked her to do things very intimate. As they couldn’t meet because of family restrictions, they had phone messenger as the only way out.
“Can you click yourself and send me?”

Read the message that night. She didn’t spare a second to send him a selfie.

“Not this way.” He replied.

“Then how?” Was her immediate thought.

The phone ringed and she received a photo from him.

He was lying shirtless in his bed. 

“I want you to send me a pic this way. I want to see you. I long for you so much dear. We are going to be a couple and we love each other. I miss you.”

She obliged and what followed was something which seemed very sacred and intimate to her.
She slapped herself hard remembering that conversation. Her first mistake with him that dragged her deeper into a never ending grave.
All was perfect in her little lovey-Dovey world till a week ago. They somehow managed to meet for the last time before wedding.

He took her to his friend’s empty flat, at least that was what she was told. 
The privacy around them, made her feel desperately for him. They started getting intimate. However, she heard someone coughing and zapped out of his embrace when she noticed his 2 friends standing at the room’s door.

He laughed at this. “Don’t worry my love they’re here just to spice up our first encounter.” These words pierced her heart like a poisoned arrow. 

She was trapped and cheated by a person who was her hero.

Nothing was making sense. She tried protesting, but it was futile.
“Do as I say bitch or else I’ll post your late night pictures on internet.” He roared at her when she bit his hand to escape from him.
She was not just raped; her dignity as a human being was shattered into million pieces.

The days following that incident were a nightmare for her. How could she fall into his trap? How could she be so naive?
She detested that man who had threatened her and whose crime was forgiven so easily by her orthodox parents.

“You shameless girl. Forget this and move on. He is going to be your husband now. Are you going to spoil our name in the society?”

They had reprimanded her when she had disclosed the details.
Why didn’t her parents understand her? 

Perhaps, being from a lower middle class had put a blind fold on their hearts!
The faint sound of siren was getting louder as a police patrol car came to a sudden halt in front of the bus stop. “Any problem madam?” The officer asked. A jewellery adorned Indian bride, sitting alone on a bus stop bench, at such an odd hour of night surely invited some suspicion.

She saw the officer get down from the car.
“I want to file a complaint, officer. Take me to the police station please.”
She didn’t know why but those words made her feel better, they made her feel free. She had to take this decision sooner or later.


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