Father’s Day it is!

In early 90s a young girl started a campaign to celebrate Father’s Day officially in USA. She and her siblings were single handedly raised by her father after her mother’s untimely death and so she thought it was apt to celebrate this often ignored role of a father.

Her efforts were successful and after a few years, the third Sunday of June is officially celebrated as Father’s Day in that country. This is now slowly becoming an international trend. 
Personally, I don’t believe in these-so-called-special days, but a celebration for parents is any day accepted!

Today I thought why not share my feelings about my dad too!!

The very next day of my wedding, there was a reception from my husband’s side. The feelings inside me were mixed. Although I didn’t cry during my bidai, it didn’t mean I was happy leaving my family.

I reached late evening that day at the venue. Seeing my entire family, made me smile like never before.

My mother was seated in the front row smiling at me, her eyes conveyed her happiness. She was too overwhelmed to even come and sit besides me.

I wanted talk to her, to tell her how good these new faces were, how inviting I felt at that place. 

A little while after I was settled on my seat, a pat on my shoulder took me by surprise, my father was standing beside me, beaming like a toddler given a chocolate. He was looking so dashing in that gray blazer. His face expressed his thoughts clearly. He was more than happy for me.

I don’t share a open relationship with my father, we always differ in our thoughts, we argue a lot; but I am his only daughter and nothing can compare with a father’s love for his daughter.

He sat besides me. He spoke to me that evening. Whatever I wanted to share with my mom I shared with him, even more than that!

People say I look like him. They also say it’s a pity I don’t have my mother’s prettiness. However, I am proud to be his daughter, grateful for every inch of my skin which resembles his colour. How could I not be? He gave away almost his entire life to loneliness of a distant land so that we could be someone he always dreamt of being.

I will forever be indebted to this gentleman.

To the man whose name I still wear with pride and will continue till I am alive!


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