6 Things Muslims do on Eid.

A delicious aroma magically fills the air of my housing society with people hugging each other on the streets, children happily roaming around with elders and a festive atmosphere which is too obvious to ignore.This depicts the very scene on the day of Eid-ul-fitr, the Muslim festival commemorating the end of the holy month of Ramadan. Being a Muslim, I have always waited with excitement for the arrival of this day. Listing below things commonly associated with this day😃

1. Early morning prayer: The day starts with a special Eid mass prayer in mosques. Men and children dressed in the best of attires, wearing the most aromatic attars gather for it.

2. The Eid hug: Post the prayers, everyone greets each other with a characteristic ‘hug’ signifying happiness and humility towards each other.

3. Sheerkurma: Who can forget the mention of Eid without the inclusion of this insanely delicious dessert- Sheer kurma. This is tasty vermicelli pudding is an almost compulsion Eid breakfast throughout Central Asia.

4. Eidi: The most interesting part of the day is when you recieve Eid gifts (mostly money 😝) from your elders.

5. Henna: Applying beautiful henna designs on the palms of ladies forms another pretty tradition of this day. Females of all age groups apply henna on their hands, the peculiar fragrance of which brightens up their day.

6. Feasts and gatherings: Women spend hours preparing lip smacking spread of meals for friends and relatives who gather at each other’s place relishing the flavours of love and celebration!!

Eid Mubarak 😊


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