OOTY – COONOOR Honeymoon! – A travel post


You may not agree with me, but almost every human heart is consumed by a wanderlust. Majority of us never contemplate on it because of other priorities we build around ourselves or may be due to financial inability. However, I cannot imagine the existence of a person sane in his mind who doesn’t like traveling !

A view from our hotel in Ooty!

Many like to explore this world alone, with just their backpacks as a company. Some love going around with their loved ones. But a vacation with your significant other, soon after you’ve officially confirmed your betrothal is something we all undeniably love.

Yes, I am talking about HONEYMOON. It never matters the place you go, honeymoons are always special.

Road through the tea gardens! – coonoor

Just like any couple getting married, I and my husband also were enthusiastic about our honeymoon. 
We wanted to travel international, but due to financial issues had to look for a domestic place. Being from India, a beautiful country, we had many options. From the lush green hills in the north to the crystal clear blue waters in the south. From the majestic sands in the west to the misty laps of the east, we were confused.

On the way to Ooty through the national park!

After spending many days researching, discussing and watching reviews online, we decided to opt for a common honeymoon destination of India- Ooty and Coonoor.

City view -Ooty

Ooty, also known as Udhagamandalam, is a hill station in the state of Tamil Nadu, in southern India. Coonoor is a quaint little town in the Nilgiris district in the state of Tamil Nadu which is just 18 kms from Ooty.

Hotel highland Accord ooty!

We reached via flight from Mumbai to Bangalore and then followed the Bangalore-Mysore-Ooty route to reach our destination.

Coonoor tea gardens 😍

It was the first week of November. The air was cooler and the weather was foggy. Perfect for spending some time alone. Though we were tired, we enjoyed every bit of it.
On reaching Ooty, we checked in the hotel wherein we had already booked our room which we zeroed in through internet reviews. Accord Highland hotel was the name. We were glad we did the research, as it was worth every penny.

As it was near Dodabetta peak and away from the hustle bustle of the city, we loved it. To top it all the fog entering our room was adding to the romantic quotient.

Tea nest hotel Coonoor!

Spending two days here, we left for Coonoor. A place less traveled and less explored. I fell in love with this place. I recommend everyone to visit it at least once in your life time. Admist the super green tea gardens, this town calms you down like anything. Here we stayed at Tea nest, a small cottage converted into hotel. Everything about this hotel was worth the honeymoon. The food, the ambience, the service all to the point. They serve a special 7-course meal on request, made from tea leaves as a common ingredient. It was absolutely delicious.

The seven course tea meal!

As it was too foggy, we couldn’t enjoy sight seeing that much. We were just relaxing and roaming around. The staff was kind enough to help us. We even imagined our retirement home over here 😝

If you really want a quiet escape alone or with a special someone, then this town is a must visit!

The backyard view- Coonoor
The front side of the hotel- Coonoor

Some important tips:

How to reach Ooty:

  • Nearest domestic airport- Coimbatore (96 kms)
  • Nearest International Airport- Bangaluroo (273kms)

When to visit: April to June (if you want less crowd visit other months or stay in a hotel far away from city)
Places to visit in Ooty: 

  • Botanical gardens.
  • Toy train.
  • Ooty lake.
  • Dodabetta peak.
  • Tea factory. (You can skip)


How to reach: 

  • Rail- Train from Ooty takes around half hour to reach here
  • Road- It takes around 45 mins to reach Coonoor from Ooty.

When to visit: All through the year.
Places to visit:

  • Sims park
  • Dolphins nose point
  • Lambs rock
  • Tea garden tour
  • Nilgiri railway

Do’s and Dont’s for a honeymoon vacation:

1. Plan your travel with least amount of transportation time. We spent almost 1 day in reaching our destination which made us too tired.

2. Do not waste time in unnecessary sight seeing. Plan very few places beforehand and be sure to visit them only.

3. Research about good eateries online. In case the hotel’s food is not up to your taste.

4. Check the weather status of your destination a day or two before you leave. 

5. Carry less luggage.

6. Book rooms with the best view. Ask politely to the hotel staff. Tell them you’re are on your honeymoon. They’ll gladly put you through their best service.

7. Ask people around you to click your couple pics.

8. Enjoy the place and each other. After all that’s why you went on a honeymoon 😜


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