The Decision.

Trapped between the Decision she took and the one to take, what will she do?


One twos are two – a short story.

Meenu was walking past the school again that day. "One twos are two." She heard the usual lessons. "One threes are three" she repeated with the voice this time, a proud smile on her face as if she had won a prize. She wondered what it meant though, if only she could enter the plush … Continue reading One twos are two – a short story.

Book review — The blue umbrella.

Books are my poison. I get attracted to them like iron to magnets. All my loved ones know about this madness. Post my wedding, almost three years now, I had lost that yearning to read in me. Thankfully, I found something interesting to read, a short story by Ruskin bond — The blue umbrella. The … Continue reading Book review — The blue umbrella.

The Accidental long drive – Fujairah grand mosque.

There are days when everything you plan goes perfectly the way you wanted it to be. Then there are those days when all the planning goes out of the window and you have to deal with the unexpected. Yesterday was one such a day.Our accidental long drive! Since the day I moved to U.A.E. , … Continue reading The Accidental long drive – Fujairah grand mosque.

Emails to my daughter – on a women’s day!

My dear princess, It's been a while since I wrote to you last, today I thought it to be a good time for it. You are 10 months old already, time flew fast dear and you are turning cuter day by day. Your father and I know that soon enough you'll grow into a beautiful … Continue reading Emails to my daughter – on a women’s day!

Ekla chalo re! (You walk alone)

Rabindranath Tagore, a great writer from India, penned a beautiful song - Eka (Alone) in the year 1905 when India was trapped in the clutches of the British empire. It inspired many patriotic heroes of Indian freedom struggle. This song is one of my favourite. What strikes me is that it is not just patriotic … Continue reading Ekla chalo re! (You walk alone)

The Gramophone – A short memoir.

The golden gramophone was looking shinier in the light of that old kerosene lamp seated patiently beside it. I couldn't help but gaze at it in wonder, memories of my childhood came rushing back at me. The old house near a big oak tree in my village always looked mysteriously majestic to me. It was summer … Continue reading The Gramophone – A short memoir.

Once upon a time…

I am sure a lot of us might have our favourite once-upon-a-time stories. These were our bedtime delights. Fables which were passed on to us by our elders, in those tender impressionable years of our lives. One such story I still remember, my grandma used to tell me.  Every night just after the lights were … Continue reading Once upon a time…