6 Things Muslims do on Eid.

A delicious aroma magically fills the air of my housing society with people hugging each other on the streets, children happily roaming around with elders and a festive atmosphere which is too obvious to ignore.This depicts the very scene on the day of Eid-ul-fitr, the Muslim festival commemorating the end of the holy month of... Continue Reading →


Happy new lessons!

Why do we need a reason to start new, start fresh, clean slate?New years, birthdays, anniversaries; how many days like these will we use as a reason to evolve? This year also ends, time is running its course, as usual. 2016; a year full of ups and downs just as every other year, but the... Continue Reading →

#Eidulfitr which means -festivity of breaking #fast . This marks the end of one whole sacred month of fasting -RAMADAN. As soon as the month ends we celebrate the first day of next month SHAWWAL as Eid . This important day in #islam stands for unity of all #muslims who fasted irrespective of caste,creed or... Continue Reading →

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