With Love!

Two years have passed since the day when she was born and yet the pride keeps on growing ever more!! Alhumdulillah😍😊 #daughtersareblessings and so cherish them! On her 2nd birthday, keeping up with my habit of penning my thoughts for my daughter, a poem from my heart to hers! May she find this posted when... Continue Reading →


Of Happy new years!!

Fresh starts on a new year day, making new resolutions? I don't believe in them. They're overrated. We don't require specific days to change ourselves, do we? Change is a constant gradual process. Every single day our perceptions, thoughts and views about everything we know undergo it. We meet new faces, we face new challenges... Continue Reading →


To the ones who say sexual harassment is only for adults, someone groped me when I was a toddler.“Yeah, me too.” Says the toddler in me. To the ones who say it can never be done by religious teachers, a similar one fondled me as a child.  “Yeah, me too.” Says the silent student in... Continue Reading →

From a mother of a rebellious toddler!

My princess is 15 months already! Alhumdulillah 😌(didn’t even know where days flew by🙄😃) She stared off being a curious little explorer and now is slowly turning into a rebel.😑 Giving me sly looks from the corner of her eyes! Raising her eyes at me(yes she does that🙄look) Doing what I say not to! Touching... Continue Reading →

Eid Mubarak!

Wishing all my followers and friends and whoever drops by my blog posts and whoever doesn't drop by too a very happy Eid ul Adha !!!Eid Mubarak😃❤️

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