To the ones who say sexual harassment is only for adults, someone groped me when I was a toddler.“Yeah, me too.” Says the toddler in me. To the ones who say it can never be done by religious teachers, a similar one fondled me as a child.  “Yeah, me too.” Says the silent student in … Continue reading #MeToo


From a mother of a rebellious toddler!

My princess is 15 months already! Alhumdulillah 😌(didn’t even know where days flew by🙄😃) She stared off being a curious little explorer and now is slowly turning into a rebel.😑 Giving me sly looks from the corner of her eyes! Raising her eyes at me(yes she does that🙄look) Doing what I say not to! Touching … Continue reading From a mother of a rebellious toddler!

OOTY – COONOOR Honeymoon! – A travel post

You may not agree with me, but almost every human heart is consumed by a wanderlust. Majority of us never contemplate on it because of other priorities we build around ourselves or may be due to financial inability. However, I cannot imagine the existence of a person sane in his mind who doesn't like traveling … Continue reading OOTY – COONOOR Honeymoon! – A travel post

The Accidental long drive – Fujairah grand mosque.

There are days when everything you plan goes perfectly the way you wanted it to be. Then there are those days when all the planning goes out of the window and you have to deal with the unexpected. Yesterday was one such a day.Our accidental long drive! Since the day I moved to U.A.E. , … Continue reading The Accidental long drive – Fujairah grand mosque.

A Traveller in me.

I do not follow neither do I lead… I walk alone Just the way I had come And also the way I am to leave.. I travel alone, Learning from my mistakes. I don't keep blaming others Neither live in fear of being blamed A Traveller is what I am My destination some place else … Continue reading A Traveller in me.

Life is a test!

Life is a big examination! We, humans, are always being tested by the  maker who sits above. When he wants to teach you something, he tests you. When he gives you, he tests your ego. When he takes things away, he is testing your patience. Many times he gives you a lot. Money, name, fame, … Continue reading Life is a test!