The Accidental long drive – Fujairah grand mosque.

There are days when everything you plan goes perfectly the way you wanted it to be. Then there are those days when all the planning goes out of the window and you have to deal with the unexpected. Yesterday was one such a day.Our accidental long drive! Since the day I moved to U.A.E. , … Continue reading The Accidental long drive – Fujairah grand mosque.


The blue sneakers – A mini story.

"Hey where did you get these from?" I asked him. I could see him smile the broadest since he joined our group. Those blue and white sneakers were exactly the ones I wanted. Shining on his feet, beneath those dirty and torn jeans he always wore, they were mocking me. "Baba bought them yesterday." He … Continue reading The blue sneakers – A mini story.

Of sunsets and hopes!

Have you ever been to a seashore during sunsets?  I love those edges, the border where the silky sand meets the fickle water. I keep on walking over it with cold breeze tearing through me as if wants me to dance along. The immaculate beaches during sunset are always worth capturing. It's breathtaking how the blue-sky … Continue reading Of sunsets and hopes!

Life is a test!

Life is a big examination! We, humans, are always being tested by the  maker who sits above. When he wants to teach you something, he tests you. When he gives you, he tests your ego. When he takes things away, he is testing your patience. Many times he gives you a lot. Money, name, fame, … Continue reading Life is a test!

Not a morning person.

An Early riser. A Morning person. I am not! I always find it cumbersome to wake up early in the morning, removing that cozy comfort of my grandma's handmade quilt off my body and stepping out, just kills me, it takes three alarm, all of them 10 minutes apart to make me do that. Imagine, … Continue reading Not a morning person.