With Love!

Two years have passed since the day when she was born and yet the pride keeps on growing ever more!! Alhumdulillah😍😊 #daughtersareblessings and so cherish them! On her 2nd birthday, keeping up with my habit of penning my thoughts for my daughter, a poem from my heart to hers! May she find this posted when... Continue Reading →


A Woman!

Who am I? A delicate flower you say. I need protection. To only be kept away? You set so many rules. So that I am safe! Yet when I try to fly. You tempt me with your golden cage! When I decide to cover myself, You say I am oppressed? And when I don't. I... Continue Reading →


The ugliness outside, seems too obvious to hide. The prettiness inside, seems too difficult to find. The beauty you see, May not go that deep, as the faces are few And the masks in plenty. The laugh you hear, could be just as fake as a facade used, to hide the despairs. So trust only... Continue Reading →

Why is she more blessed than me?

She lives in the best house at the end of our street, Her husband runs a business that no one can beat.  She owns such beautiful dresses, Always looking like a fairy in those long tresses. Her life seems to be perfect, There is not a single defect! I can't stop myself being envious, Although... Continue Reading →

Ekla chalo re! (You walk alone)

Rabindranath Tagore, a great writer from India, penned a beautiful song - Eka (Alone) in the year 1905 when India was trapped in the clutches of the British empire. It inspired many patriotic heroes of Indian freedom struggle. This song is one of my favourite. What strikes me is that it is not just patriotic... Continue Reading →

A Traveller in me.

I do not follow neither do I lead… I walk alone Just the way I had come And also the way I am to leave.. I travel alone, Learning from my mistakes. I don't keep blaming others Neither live in fear of being blamed A Traveller is what I am My destination some place else... Continue Reading →

My Betroth!

He likes his tea cold, I like it super hot!He likes to wake up early, I hate my alarm clock. He closes his eyes as soon as he hits the pillow, I am in love with the starry night glow. He has mild OCD, I have NO OCD at all. He always feels hot, I... Continue Reading →


I don’t know where I am going, I am scared to even see. What if I open my eyes, And I just stop to be. I know they laugh at me, Say things I should never hear. But what can you say to those, Who fear the idea of fear. Like a bird flying away,... Continue Reading →

A Rumi poem

“From "Wetness and Water” How does a part of the world leave the world? How can wetness leave water? Do not try to put out a fire by throwing on more fire. Do not wash a wound with blood. No matter how fast you run, your shadow more than keeps up. Sometimes it’s in front.... Continue Reading →

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