What’s in a name?

A man is never questioned on keeping the same name throughout his life, then why should a woman be?


The Decision.

Trapped between the Decision she took and the one to take, what will she do?

Book review — The blue umbrella.

Books are my poison. I get attracted to them like iron to magnets. All my loved ones know about this madness. Post my wedding, almost three years now, I had lost that yearning to read in me. Thankfully, I found something interesting to read, a short story by Ruskin bond — The blue umbrella. The... Continue Reading →

The cursed cottage. 

A cold draft of air brushed pass by his leg, which was half outside the comforter. It woke him up, he heard the door open and close. Last night was one of the best, he blushed thinking about it. After all it was his honeymoon. They had reached his Uncle's cottage in Shimla late at... Continue Reading →

Can’t win it all.

You can't be perfect and win it all.My mother told me that day. I was crying my eyes out. The society annual function everyone was so excited about had been excellent, not for me though. From early morning I was ecstatic for it to start, after all I was taking part in most of the... Continue Reading →

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