Paper boat days!

Mumbai floods not something new! The mumbai spirit much older. Sharing some memories related to it.


The Decision.

Trapped between the Decision she took and the one to take, what will she do?

Book review — The blue umbrella.

Books are my poison. I get attracted to them like iron to magnets. All my loved ones know about this madness. Post my wedding, almost three years now, I had lost that yearning to read in me. Thankfully, I found something interesting to read, a short story by Ruskin bond — The blue umbrella. The... Continue Reading →

The blue sneakers – A mini story.

"Hey where did you get these from?" I asked him. I could see him smile the broadest since he joined our group. Those blue and white sneakers were exactly the ones I wanted. Shining on his feet, beneath those dirty and torn jeans he always wore, they were mocking me. "Baba bought them yesterday." He... Continue Reading →

Silent cries.

I reached for my phone, which was screeching since ten minutes now. My bruised hands were finding it difficult to hold it. It was 6:00 am, time for me to get on my listless life. I switched off the alarm. My body is aware of the ritual; the daily chores are programmed in it now. Somehow... Continue Reading →

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