A Woman!

Who am I? A delicate flower you say. I need protection. To only be kept away? You set so many rules. So that I am safe! Yet when I try to fly. You tempt me with your golden cage! When I decide to cover myself, You say I am oppressed? And when I don't. I... Continue Reading →



It's been a year since I seriously started blogging. I was encouraged on my way here by all of you readers who drop by my site and also those who like, comment or follow my blog! A Big Thank you to all of you! Keep reading and please do drop by your thoughts about what... Continue Reading →

Of Happy new years!!

Fresh starts on a new year day, making new resolutions? I don't believe in them. They're overrated. We don't require specific days to change ourselves, do we? Change is a constant gradual process. Every single day our perceptions, thoughts and views about everything we know undergo it. We meet new faces, we face new challenges... Continue Reading →


What’s in a name?

A man is never questioned on keeping the same name throughout his life, then why should a woman be?



The ugliness outside, seems too obvious to hide. The prettiness inside, seems too difficult to find. The beauty you see, May not go that deep, as the faces are few And the masks in plenty. The laugh you hear, could be just as fake as a facade used, to hide the despairs. So trust only... Continue Reading →


Paper boat days!

Mumbai floods not something new! The mumbai spirit much older. Sharing some memories related to it.


To India!

On the 70th Independence Day of my homeland, India! There's a message from her Mother Earth!


OOTY – COONOOR Honeymoon! – A travel post

You may not agree with me, but almost every human heart is consumed by a wanderlust. Majority of us never contemplate on it because of other priorities we build around ourselves or may be due to financial inability. However, I cannot imagine the existence of a person sane in his mind who doesn't like traveling... Continue Reading →


Father’s Day it is!

Ode to my father on this Father's Day!


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