With Love!

Two years have passed since the day when she was born and yet the pride keeps on growing ever more!! Alhumdulillah😍😊 #daughtersareblessings and so cherish them! On her 2nd birthday, keeping up with my habit of penning my thoughts for my daughter, a poem from my heart to hers! May she find this posted when... Continue Reading →


A Woman!

Who am I? A delicate flower you say. I need protection. To only be kept away? You set so many rules. So that I am safe! Yet when I try to fly. You tempt me with your golden cage! When I decide to cover myself, You say I am oppressed? And when I don't. I... Continue Reading →


It's been a year since I seriously started blogging. I was encouraged on my way here by all of you readers who drop by my site and also those who like, comment or follow my blog! A Big Thank you to all of you! Keep reading and please do drop by your thoughts about what... Continue Reading →

Of Happy new years!!

Fresh starts on a new year day, making new resolutions? I don't believe in them. They're overrated. We don't require specific days to change ourselves, do we? Change is a constant gradual process. Every single day our perceptions, thoughts and views about everything we know undergo it. We meet new faces, we face new challenges... Continue Reading →


The ugliness outside, seems too obvious to hide. The prettiness inside, seems too difficult to find. The beauty you see, May not go that deep, as the faces are few And the masks in plenty. The laugh you hear, could be just as fake as a facade used, to hide the despairs. So trust only... Continue Reading →


To the ones who say sexual harassment is only for adults, someone groped me when I was a toddler.“Yeah, me too.” Says the toddler in me. To the ones who say it can never be done by religious teachers, a similar one fondled me as a child.  “Yeah, me too.” Says the silent student in... Continue Reading →

From a mother of a rebellious toddler!

My princess is 15 months already! Alhumdulillah 😌(didn’t even know where days flew by🙄😃) She stared off being a curious little explorer and now is slowly turning into a rebel.😑 Giving me sly looks from the corner of her eyes! Raising her eyes at me(yes she does that🙄look) Doing what I say not to! Touching... Continue Reading →

Eid Mubarak!

Wishing all my followers and friends and whoever drops by my blog posts and whoever doesn't drop by too a very happy Eid ul Adha !!!Eid Mubarak😃❤️

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